Baghera - Pedal Car Blue


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Perfect for 3-6 year olds looking for a distinctive ride, the Baghera Blue Pedal Car is inspired by the 30's gorgeous retro style. Matchine blue rims, a chrome grill, two large headlights and a windshield handle leave little drivers perfectly prepared for any adventure. Equipped with a reverse pedaling system in case you head the wrong way and an adjustable seat for extra room, the Blue Pedal Car is sturdy and quiet on it's rubber tyres. The steering system is easy to use and the pedals are adjustable to 3 different positions allowing for growth. There are no gears or chains to worry about and the kids can also move the car by placing their feet on the ground.

Dimensions: 80cm x 40cm x 50cm

Age Range: 3 - 6 years